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03. External Tone Generator

console can turn your PC into an external MIDI tone generator.

Using console as a stand alone host, you can use VSTi/DXi software synthesizers to make your PC function as an external tone generator.

And the rest is simple. Just connect your PC to a sequencer via MIDI, as with any other external tone generator. console also supports the MIDI interface, so you can freely arrange software synthesizers of your choice within it.

MIDI Sequencer

console can handle up to 64 MIDI ports. The maximum number of MIDI channels is 1024 (64 x 16 = 1024), which can essentially be considered as limitless. And, there is no limit on the number of software synthesizers that can be used simultaneously. You can freely patch as many synthesizers as you wish, provided your CPU can handle it.

console's software design is suited for playback of software synthesizers. This is contrary to most other DAWs that may cause sounds to "waver" when used as a tone generator.

Even if old sequencers and hardware sequencers essential to your work are incompatible with VSTi, console will allow you to incorporate them into a more modern system. You can also use console to distribute the CPU load for the plug-ins.