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Support Tool for DAW & Plug-Ins

You can use console as a support tool for sound production on a DAW.

console can be used as both a stand alone host and a VST/DX plug-in. Furthermore, projects created within console can be used in either mode.

A conception diagram

Stand Alone Mode

When testing sounds on a new plug-in, you will want to use console in Stand Alone Mode.

console is a lightweight application, making it a suitable environment for testing plug-ins with. Once you have achieved a sound you like, save it as a console project.

in CUBASEWhen composing with a DAW such as Cubase and SONAR, use console as a plug-in. You will then be able to open the saved console project from within the DAW.
By having the set of your frequently used synthesizers and effectors saved as a console project, they will be immediately available to any host application.

console also offers a "patch preset" function that allows you to save multiple configurations within a single project.

patch preset function

*1 Cubase is a product of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.
*2 SONAR is a product of Twelve Tone Systems, Inc.

5 Ways to Master console