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console download (english Demo)
Version File size Release
1.6.2 Beta 2.58MB 06.06.2008 [Release note]
1.6.1 3.60MB 03.22.2007 [Release note]
1.4.1 2.81MB 12.27.2004

Limitations of the DEMO version

Trial period is 30 days from the time of first use.
All save functions are disabled. (Saving of files, presets, etc.)

For information on purchasing a license key, see the Purchase page.
The license key will turn the DEMO version into a fully-functional version.

Be sure to test the DEMO version of console before purchasing a license key.

When using the DEMO version of console in Plug-in Mode, the host may return an error when trying to save a project file that includes the console plug-in. This is due to the functional limitation of the DEMO version, and is expected.

Installing / Updating(for registerd users)

Unzip the downloaded file.
Follow the instructions in the Readme.txt file to install console.

*If an older version of console is installed on your system, be sure to uninstall it first.

What's New

03.22.2007 ver.1.6.1 [Release note]
11.13.2006 ver.1.6.0 [Release note]