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02. Basic Host

console can be used as a basic host for trying out plug-ins.

console was designed to be a lightweight application that allows sound creators to continue working without being hindered by interruptive waiting times. Because of this, console will start up much faster than other common DAWs, even when being used as a stand alone host. For this reason, it can serve as a handy "basic host" to quickly test plug-ins on.

plug-in folders

You can specify multiple plug-in folders for use by console. Registering a folder for testing purposes (i.e. your desktop folder) in addition to your main set of folders will allow you to test newly downloaded plug-ins easily.

As a new feature of Ver.1.6, console now offers automatic loading of a default project. Having all your usual settings saved in your default project will make it even easier to test your plug-ins.

And of course, console can also be used as a simple playback environment for your software synthesizers.