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Main Specifications

Supported Plug-in Formats
If using console as a host
  • VST2.0: VST effects, VSTi
  • DirectX: DirectX audio plug-ins (DX plug-ins), DXi
If using console as a plug-in
  • Operates as a VST effect, VSTi, DX plug-in, or DXi.
  • console can host all plug-in types (VST, VSTi, DX, DXi) even when being used as a plug-in.
  • There is no limitation on the number of plug-ins that can be used by console. You may, however, be restricted by your environment (i.e. CPU power, amount or RAM).
  • When used as a VST plug-in or VSTi, console will support multi-in/out, from "0" to up to "16" outs.
Audio I/O

MME, DirectSound, and ASIO2.0 are supported.
Use of ASIO makes low latency possible.
* Your soundcard must support ASIO.


console supports multiple MIDI ports, regardless of whether it is used as a plug-in or as a stand alone application.
Even when using console as a plug-in, plug-ins can be controlled by MIDI via external ports, independently from the host.
You can also use a physical MIDI controller or the likes to easily control multiple plug-in parameters.

Included Plug-ins
Mini Pattern Sequencer
  • CSL_Sequence
  • CSL_MM_M2M1 (2 Mono Input / 1 Mono Output)
  • CSL_MM_M2S1 (2 Mono Input / 1 Stereo Output)
  • CSL_MM_M4M1 (4 Mono Input / 1 Mono Output)
  • CSL_MM_M4S1 (4 Mono Input / 1 Stereo Output)
  • CSL_MM_S2S1 (2 Stereo Input / 1 Stereo Output)
  • CSL_MM_S4S1 (4 Stereo Input / 1 Stereo Output)
  • CSL_MM_S6S1 (6 Stereo Input / 1 Stereo Output)
  • CSL_MM_S8S1 (8 Stereo Input / 1 Stereo Output)
  • CSL_MS_M4 (4 Mono Input)
  • CSL_MS_S4 (4 Stereo Input)
Channel Splitter
  • CSL_MCS_M1M2 (1 Mono Input / 2 Mono Output)
  • CSL_MSC_M1M4 (1 Mono Input / 4 Mono Output)
  • CSL_MCS_S1S2 (1 Stereo Input / 2 Stereo Output)
  • CSL_MCS_S1S4 (1 Stereo Input / 4 Stereo Output)
Channel Converter
  • CSL_MCC_toM (Convert stereo signal to mono)
  • CSL_MCC_toS (Convert mono signal to stereo)

USD 54.00
For details, see the "Purchase" page.

about console